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Market experts

Bayswood brings market know-how to Europe having supplied many of the United States’ largest retailers for decades.

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Extensive collections

We have hundreds of arrangements on display in our London showroom. Make an appointment to visit us.

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Private label programmes

Bayswood can design exclusive product lines just for you, working from your existing themes and storyboards or creating original ideas.

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Buying experience

We provide a smooth buying experience, from initial designs to delivery. We’ll work compliantly across your processes, auditing and standards.

What we offer


Working within your budget

Bayswood create accessible lines without compromising style or quality. In today’s competitive retail market we understand the importance of working within your cost considerations.

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Unrivalled quality control

We scrutinise every last detail to make sure your products are exactly how you expect them. It’s fundamental to our success.

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Continual product development

Our international design team immerse themselves in global trends so you can rely on us to know what your customers want next.



Tricking the senses

We authentically recreate the tone and texture of flowers and foliage. Many of our blooms even feel lifelike when touched.

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Visit our London studio to see our extensive collections and discuss how we can work together.

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